Small Business Development Workshops

Title: Rx for Business Success

Dates: not currently scheduled

Duration: 7-10 p.m.

Who Should Attend: Small business owners who want to improve the operation of their business. Business owners who want to work less and achieve more. Business owners who aren’t certain they’re focusing on the things that will make a difference in their results. Business owners who know that they need to start working on their business, not just in it.

Workshop Description: An evening seminar that allows you to self-evaluate where you’re at in your business and whether you are focusing on the right things. You’ll work with a custom developed 25-point questionnaire that helps you diagnose where you might be over- or under-focusing your efforts and what areas of your business need improvement.

You’ll leave with an in-depth list of tips, suggestions and thought-provoking ideas for next steps in fine tuning your business so that you can achieve great results.

Fee: $125, inc. HST

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Title: Evolving Your Business

Dates: Not currently scheduled

Who Should Attend: Small business owners with a serious commitment to expanding their skill set as a business person. Someone who owns a business you want to grow and expand. A business owner looking for a safe, confidential place to explore ideas and challenges with people of like mind. A small business owner with a desire to improve the bottom line.

Workshop Description: A 6-week series that combines the opportunity to grow your leadership, planning, marketing and administrative skills. Professionally facilitated meetings that include coaching and offer a confidential setting for those all important, in-depth discussions. Peer support is obtained from other business owners in non-competing businesses. These evening sessions include a light meal.

Some of the topics you can expect to cover include: the power of intention to create results; marketing strategies that work for small businesses; building and sustaining positive customer relationships; managing employees and contractors in a way that positively impacts outcomes; getting honest about your need to grow as a person and the link to business results; dealing with your personal business traps and pitfalls (and we all have them!) ; changing business direction as the market changes or your needs & interests do.

Workshop Fee : $645, plus HST

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Title: Discovering Your BIZSavvy Woman™

Dates: not currently scheduled

Duration:6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Who Should Attend: Women in business start-up mode; women with businesses that are in the first year of operation; business women who know they are good at what they do but need to master the business skill set; women business owners who are committed to achieving much more; women business owners who know they cannot delay if they want their business to take off

Workshop Description: This 6-week series is designed to help you shift from being the specialist you are to being a BizSavvy woman with a well-rounded set of business skills. Week 1 is all about your intention and how that drives everything about your business. Week 2 is a gap assessment between where you are now and where you want to be …plus getting clear on what you will do to close the gap. Week 3 looks are marketing basics: what business are you really in? who are your customers? are you promoting your business as effectively as you could? Week 4 delves deeper into marketing, especially promotion approaches that are going to work for you as well as the notion of RFM. Week 5 looks at running a tight ship and dealing with well meaning friends/family. Week 6 gets you honest about your growth needs and looks at transitioning from working in your business to working on your business.

Similar to Evolving your Business, Discovering Your BIZSavvy Woman is for women only and typically appeals to people who have had their business for only a short time.

Workshop Fee: $595, plus HST

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