Discovering and Expanding Creativity Workshop Descriptions

Title: Creatively Me

not currently scheduled

Duration: Friday 7-10; Saturday 12-4; Sunday 12-4

You Should Participate if: You want to reconnect with or expand your creative streak. You are looking for a new hobby. You need something to bring vitality back into your life. You are wondering if there is an inner artist waiting to get out. You feel like you have things to say yet you dislike writing and need another medium of expression.

Workshop Description: On Friday evening you’ll be introduced to The CODE Model™, an approach to thinking about yourself and your life that will be the basis of our weekend’s exploration. You’ll also receive a tutorial in painting basics and we’ll dive right into the painting process, using the guided meditation process I’ve developed. On Saturday and Sunday you’ll startle yourself by painting 9 totally original pieces of art using my custom process that is fun, easy and guaranteed to produce results. As we paint, we’ll explore how you, like everyone else, is innately creative and you’ll discover all kinds of things about yourself and your capacity for living a highly creative life. Whether you are a skilled painter or a neophyte, you’ll produce amazing results, guaranteed!

Workshop Fee: $400, plus HST, includes all art supplies

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Title: Expressions of Creativity

Dates: Not currently scheduled

Who Should Attend: People who have attended a WEL-Systems® certification intensive and are keen to explore and expand their creative side. Note that this is a workshop designed for people who already have an understanding of The CODE Model™ and a WEL-Systems perspective.

Workshop Description: We’ll dive right into an exploration of creativity and your creative essence through the lens of The CODE Model™. We’ll spend the entire weekend exploring what else there is for you to know about yourself and how creative you are through the process of painting. In addition to painting, plan on an extended series of conversations about life, creativity and what else becomes possible for you as you relax into the idea that you are immensely creative in all you undertake.

Don’t be surprised to discover that the illnesses you experience, the arguments you have with people and the hostilities you maintain with friends and family are all expressions of your immense creativity …you might even discover how you can be equally creative in developing more useful responses! Plan on sharing lots of laughs throughout the weekend as you ramble through the inner landscape and discover your inner artist. Expect high level conversations with people who, like you, are committed to playing the game of life with intensity and vigour.

Workshop Fee: $600, plus HST, includes all art supplies

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