I currently offer workshops in four distinct areas: Exploring Life & Spirit, Life & Career Transitions, Creativity and Small Business Development.

These all are areas of life in which I bring a lot of personal experience to the discovery process. I have found that when I focus on topics which interest and delight me and which I have some personal experience of both my clients and I have a great time and get great results from the experience.

I work with a maximum of 10 participants in any workshop so that you are guaranteed a high level of attention in any experience I facilitate. My processes are organic and based in emergent design principles so the workshops always mold themselves to the specific needs of each group of participants.

The workshops listed are all being offered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. However, I am a keen traveler and if you’d like to sponsor any of these programs in your local area, I encourage you to contact me to see if we can make arrangement for me to travel to your community.


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