Coaching Testimonials

1.  Life Transition Coaching Testimonials

“All I can say is that I am more authentically myself after working with Gwen. She helped guide me through the toughest time in my life and today I feel armed to face whatever the future holds for me. I hold a great deal of gratitude toward this woman and would recommend her to anyone looking for change. Hold on!”
T. Buckley, CEO.

Over the past few months, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be coached by Gwen McCauley of OUICoach.  Gwen’s unique career and transformational coaching approach instils confidence and courage. She coaches with integrity, passion and purpose and gives you the tools you need to assess your life and the guidance of how to improve upon each day. In my opinion, Gwen is a trend setter in the coaching profession who truly makes a difference in the lives of the people she works with. She possesses a unique ability to inspire her clients to bring out the best in themselves no matter what the challenges before them. Gwen is totally committed and dedicated to improving the quality of life for all those she comes in contact with. Gwen is a woman who ‘walks her talk,’ and leads others not just by the power of her words, but also by the power of example.

Gwen has a unique ability to develop innovative and highly effective transformational workshops and presents these workshops in insightful ways.  In addition to being personally coached, I attended Gwen’s two-day creativity workshop. During this outstanding program, using painting as a springboard, Gwen challenged my traditional ways of thinking to inspire me to live a more meaningful life. This fall I will be attending her ‘Awakening Spirit’ retreat for women in Algarve, Portugal.

Gwen McCauley is not only an exceptional coach; she is a published author, and artist. If you are ready to change your life, may I invite you to consider the coaching and workshop services of Gwen McCauley? Gwen McCauley is a ‘gift’ you give yourself.
Jane Rabb, Ph.D., Owner, BizzMatch

“More than a career coach, I sought Gwen as a life coach and immediately knew that I had found someone that would help me move more quickly towards my goals and away from the old beliefs that would continue to weigh me down. With Gwen, I know I still have many discoveries to make about my own abilities in a much friendlier world. I can’t wait!!”
C. Ronberg, 3 rd Way Communications, Ottawa, ON

“As a career coach and a person, Gwen is innovative, thought provoking and brings a wealth of life and business experience to the coaching relationship. She doesn’t ask the standard career coach questions about 5 year plans or resume construction, etc., she invites you to look at yourself, your thoughts and feelings about where you are, where you might want to go and who you consider yourself to be. Through these discussions, she works with you as you develop the next steps for your plan, be it career, life or both.”
T. Lesiuk, Ottawa, ON

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent career counseling. You have provided me with better direction for focus and for that I will be eternally grateful.”
L.C., Ottawa, ON

“Hi Gwen, I want to thank you for helping me see beyond the dark life I have at home. Living and working full time with a husband (James) who has brain injury as a result of a cardiac arrest is extremely difficult to cope with. James’ cognitive skills, his short and long term memory was severely affected. When I decided to get help, I knew I had reached out to all avenues. I had heard about your coaching sessions and I said to myself why not, I have nothing to lose except my time.

I guess I was wrong, Gwen. You have brought the best out in me… I am seeing another me. I would never have thought I had the initiative, creativity and momentum to look at new opportunities for myself. Which leads me to believe I am scoping out a whole new life for myself way beyond being a caregiver for James.

Gwen, I know you have seen me shed tears, but believe it or not I am much stronger now and I can talk about my problem without crying. I have come to realize I have a lot of skills and strengths that I need to put into action. As a result of my coaching from you and my own research, I feel I have another strength which I want to expand on and that is in the Image Consulting area. Working through my discovery, I have made contacts with a designer in New York, a color specialist in Denver and it keeps going on and on. I have traveled to Denver for training in the Image Consulting business and best of all I laughed and had fun for 6 days.

Laughing and having fun was a big missing from life since the time James took sick over 2 1/2 years ago. Gwen, all I can say is thanks for getting me this far. You are a very loving and caring person. Watch out Gwen, I have a whole new life ahead.
M.B., Ottawa, ON

2.  Small Business Development Coaching

My experience with other business coaches left me unprepared for Gwen McCauley. Gwen has an uncanny ability to cut through the trivial and the insignificant (which, if you put your faith in her, she promptly makes you realize is nothing more than nagging and nattering noise). Unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with, Gwen sniffs out and disposes of the posturing, the disingenuous and the fluff, only to finally arrive – if you let her – at the meaningful and the profound. If it’s results you seek, if it’s change you desire, talk to Gwen. Trust me, her coaching style is unparalleled.
Mike DiLauro, CMA. Business Financial Management Advisor, author, educator.

“You are a role model for evolution. So… I wanted to start the year by thanking you for your coaching and the transformation made possible by the nudges of the last year, gentle or less gentle!

I know clients do their own work and that coaches facilitate. I also know that a spark can trigger a tsunami, when one is ready to listen. It didn’t appear so, but I was ready to listen.

At the higher levels of thinking, as you had predicted, the voie royale of discovery came through my sculpting. Geezz I’m good at it! I can’t believe what is coming out of my fingers. My patience with clay is infinite, even for details: positioning a smile, a frown, muscles, tendons. I could go on. I am completely in love with my creatures! The teacher says he has nothing to teach me, except to trust myself and truly experience what I see through my eyes and fingers (yes, often I close my eyes to sculpt). Another discovery, as you speak about writing, is that I sculpt my legends. Imagine that! I do the Siren and then write a legend about it. I write about a slave in St-Domingue and then seem to sculpt her and the people in her life. The cycle is repeated again and again. One enriches the other, and the metaphors change my life. I am so thrilled, I brag to all my clients about my sculpting and learn that this one is a painter, this one a photographer, this one a Romance Writer.

My existing Canadian business is gracefully losing momentum. My new includes art, writing and consulting – in exotic locales, of course! A continuum, rather than either/or. Love the sound of that.

So… thank you, thank you, thank you. So glad I didn’t give birth to another misguided effort. This is for real and for good…. Until the next tsunami.
D. Dennery, Facilitator, Ottawa, ON

In my mind and experience of Gwen, the concept of coach and facilitator become exponentially more powerful with the addition of a “stimulant” flavour. In all our interactions – whether it is being coached or participating in a program with her – Gwen hones in the one tiny, important, fact however much that tiny fleck is surrounded with useless details, and invites me to go deep into myself to become more than I ever thought I could be. With Gwen as my friend and coach, I have learned to stop kidding myself – to tell myself the truth – and even, occasionally, tell my truth to others! Thank you Gwen for being you.
Marie Jose Raymond, Owner, Scriptec Communications

“Gwen is a person you can trust. She is unique in that she invites and allows authentic communication to develop on its own accord. This is a heart-based communication that resonates with clarity both with work colleagues, friends, and family. As a communications consultant, this BodyTalk helps me be a better communicator and Gwen supports that process because she instinctively knows when I’m in my head using plastic language. She calibrates for authenticity at quantum speed. And, alas, she brings me back into my body quickly. Authentic communication matters.”
Donna M Leggatt, CEO, Well-being Matters, Fredericton, N.B.

3.  Coach Coaching

“Gwen has been a fabulous coach during the past year – working with me to expand my boundaries and horizons, push beyond limits I had previously set for myself and has worked with me to reconsider my beliefs, values and attitudes, letting go of those which no longer serve me and creating those that will support my transformation and ongoing evolution.

Gwen has a unique and powerful, yet very creative, innovative and playful approach to “coaching”; we achieved success far beyond any other coaching techniques that I have worked with.

Our relationship has been powerful and beneficial from a professional, personal and health perspective and Gwen has more than earned my respect and trust.”
J. Dnistransky, Amherst. N.S.


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