Coaching Specialties

1.  Life & Life Transition Coaching

Perhaps you are currently living with the results of being downsized or having otherwise experienced a job loss. Perhaps you are just quietly miserable in your job and know that you need to create a career change for yourself. You may be bored with your life, your work, your marriage and unclear about what’s next for you. Or you may have recently experienced a bereavement, losing someone dear to you, be it a spouse, friend, relative or pet either through death or divorce.

These are all experiences that tend to signal that a life transition is occurring. It is not at all unusual for people to feel confused, frustrated, listless, and unfocused in these times. Coaching can be extremely useful as a tool to help you make sense of what has happened and to move beyond it, creating a more powerful, meaningful and enjoyable life for yourself in the process.

When my life transition coaching is focused on career transitions, it is somewhat more structured than it is when focused on other life issues. We will typically explore what success has meant for you, help you to focus on the successes you’ve had in your life and what that means for your future. We’ll also work to help you discover not only your transferable skills but to identify those core skills that are unique to you and that bring joy to your experience of work. You’ll discover what elements of the work environment you find supportive and stimulating and what makes work a less than optimal experience for you. Finally, you’ll begin to create a picture of what’s possible for you and develop some action steps for achieving the outcomes you desire and deserve.

For other life transitions such as divorce, bereavement, retirement, etc. we’ll create a process that uniquely maps to your situation and will help you to develop the results you seek.

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2.  Developing Your Small Business Coaching

The demands on a business owner can feel overwhelming. Many business owners are excellent at the technical aspects of their specialty but find that marketing their business, creating a strategic direction for the company, managing human resources and increasing their customer service are sources of stress.

I bring my personal experience as a business owner for more than 16 years, plus an extensive background in marketing and strategic planning to this coaching specialty. Working together we’ll create an approach to coaching that fits your specific needs and we’ll work out a schedule that will help you to optimize your time and increase your bottom line results.

Expect to be challenged in your thinking, supported in your intention and invited to move beyond whatever boundaries you currently hold for yourself personally as well as for your company. This is business coaching that is like no other.

Because I know that in the world of small business, professional is personal. We explore all aspects of your life necessary to ensure that you are as successful as possible in the business domain.

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3.  Coach Coaching

  • You have an existing coaching practice and need someone who can offer to you the same supportive, future oriented space that you offer your clients.
  • You know your own continued professional growth and evolution is critical to your on-going success as a coach.
  • You are a coach who has begun to experience ‘compassion burn-out’ and needs to find a safe, confidential place to work things through.
  • As an active coach you simply need a private place where you can explore your own surfacing life issues. You may also have begun to discover that your own personal growth and evolution needs to be addressed.

I have a number of coaches that I work with on a regular basis, helping them to gain clarity on issues that are unfolding in their lives or exploring alternative approaches to situations they are facing. I have trained and certified dozens of people as CODE Model™ and certified Life Transition Coaches and wrote my first book, The Alchemy of Energy, specifically for coaches.

My philosophy is that all coaches need their own coach. It would be my pleasure to explore with you how I can support you in becoming the best coach you can possibly become.

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