Transition Technology

Transition Technology …demonstrating mastery

completes the personal growth and professional development experience begun in Life Passages and expanded upon in Creating Tomorrow.

Transition Technology …demonstrating mastery is step three, your final step, on your journey to achieving your Certified Life Transition Coach designation.  At this stage of the process you are required to demonstrate your deep understanding of all that you have learned, with special focus on The CODE Model™.  You work with clients who are seeking coaching in order to demonstrate your proficiency with Quantum TLC™ to achieve results.

During the 4-day Transition Technology process you will sit a 3-hr closed book exam, work with others to confirm to yourself and demonstrate to others just how masterful a coach you have become and you’ll experience the process of creating your own inductions for use with your clients.

Transition Technology will be an intense final step of an intense process.  However, it will feel like a joy to know that you have truly launched yourself on a pathway to the future.  You will have learned significant life lessons, let go of out-dated beliefs that no longer serve and acquired a skill set that will be useful in many areas of your life, not just in the coaching arena.

Once you have successfully completed the process you’ll be awarded your designation as a Certified Life Transition Coach.  You’ll attend our annual 3-day Evolution & Revolution conference in order to keep your certification current and to continually be demonstrating your commitment to yourself to remain proactive about your personal and professional development.


  • Completion of Creating Tomorrow certification level
  • Review of previous materials
  • Practice sessions with coaching clients

Cost:  $3,000, plus HST

Dates:            Not currently scheduled


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