Life Passages

Life Passagaes . . .invitations to growth

Life changes around us all the time.  We grow up, we go away to school, get a job that may involve living in a distant city or country, change jobs and careers, get married …and unmarried.  We become parents, our organizations change, the technology of our jobs changes, our kids grow up, our parents age, we retire, our spouses die or become ill.

And somehow each of us is expected to adjust and adapt to these changes, remaining reliable, confident and supportive life partners, parents, adult children, employees. We must constantly find ways to keep ourselves current, to be productive in our work and community and to continue to grow and evolve as human beings.  We are engaging major life changes all the time, transitions in our living and working conditions that require major emotional and psychological adjustments.  And until recently most people had to navigate these major life changing experiences with little or no support, living with the confusion major life change bring and the pain of uncertainty that frequently accompanies it.

Life Passages  …invitations to growth is an opportunity for those who work with others to acquire skills, tools and approaches that will help make those transitions smoother, quicker and more positive.  Employees and entrepreneurs living through a life transition will remain more productive or will return to productivity more quickly; people moving into retirement will do so with less emotional upheaval; those who have been fired or downsized out of a job will be able to find equilibrium much more quickly and with less pain and anguish.   If you are a coach, supervisor, manager, HR person, counselor, teacher or mentor you will find that your ability to navigate changes yourself increases dramatically and your ability to support your clients and employees improves substantially.  You will have acquired a thorough overview of multiple life transition theoretical frameworks and a set of tools with which to support those experiencing any kind of major life transition.

Life Passages …invitations to growth is a 7-day personal growth and professional development experience that results in the designation Life Transition Facilitator, step 1 on a 3-step journey to becoming a Certified Life Transition Coach.  It is based in the presumption that we can only offer to those around us what we carry within us.  Life Passages is designed to help you simultaneously develop an appreciation for approaches to successfully navigating life transitions and to deal with your own life issues and challenges.  As you gain intra-personal clarity on your own capacity to navigate life’s passages, you become more resourceful and adept at helping a wide array of employees and clients deal with their life passages.

Life Passages …invitations to growth is equal part education and personal experience.  You will discover and explore WEL-Systems®, which in my experience, the most powerful personal growth process currently available.  In addition you will explore the major theoretical frameworks for life transitions.  As we explore these models and frameworks for thinking, you will confront and resolve your own life issues and challenges that may limit your effectiveness in life and with clients in ways that you currently are unaware of.  Throughout the week you’ll have many opportunities to practice working with other participants, honing your skills and your ability to apply your learnings.  By the end of the 7 days you will not only have gained access to powerful tools you can begin using with clients right away, you will have developed the confidence to apply them in your work and life!   …And don’t be surprised to find that your own life feels easier to live.  Expect to leave with a sense of aliveness and vibrancy that may well startle you and those around you!

 Life Passages Program Overview

Day 1 & 2:  New Discoveries About Life and Human Potential

  • How Quantum Science is revolutionizing our understanding of what it is to be human, including neuroplasticity of the human brain
  • 7 Logical Levels of Thinking and its potential to expand human consciousness and inter-personal conversations
  •  The power of a non-Newtonian worldview to get people thinking of life as an invitation rather than life as a series of problems to be mastered

Day 3 & 4:  Tools for Working More Effectively with Others

  • Aspects of NLP that help us to more quickly and easily ‘read’ others and intuit when and what types of intervention might make a difference
  •  Breathwork as a key tool for managing physical and emotional well-being
  • Quantum TLC™ as a potent tool for helping Self and others to move through and beyond emotional crises
  • Overview of the usefulness and pitfalls of “Personality Type” instruments such as MBTI, DISC, True Colors, Enneagram, etc.

Day 5 & 6:  Frameworks for Transition and Tools for Navigating the Transition

  • Kubler-Ross’ ‘Cycles of Grieving’
  • Bridges’ ‘Neutral Zone’
  • Stein’s ‘Midlife Stage Theory’ (a Jungian perspective)
  • Schlossberg’s ‘Transition Theory’
  • McCauley’s ‘Perpetual Growth & Occasional Cosmic Leaps’

Day 7:  Stepping into your potential as a Life Transition Facilitator

 Pre-Study Requirements:

 Fully Alive! 3rd Ed.  Louise LeBrun,

Sekhmet Rising …the restlessness of women’s genius, Louise LeBrun et al,

Transitions by William Bridges,

Discovering the Power of Breath CD, Gwen McCauley,

Explorations of Self CD, Gwen McCauley

Cost:  $3,500, plus HST

Dates:           Not currently scheduled

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