Evolution & Revolution

Evolution and Revolution is an annual educational experience and conference designed to support certified OUICOACH Life Transition Coaches remain up-to-date with the latest scientific and human growth discoveries as well as provide a forum for networking and on-going personal growth needs.

Evolution and Revolution is based in the operating principle that the quality of experience coaches can offer to a client is directly related to their own state of inner being.  The process of Self discovery is a never ending one and those who have opted for the OUICOACH Life Transition Coach designation are aware that they need to make an on-going investment in their own development.

Each year Evolution and Revolution will offer a combination of workshops, speakers, seminars and networking experiences by a variety of experts.  Topics that may be covered include:  Advanced Applications, NLP processes to understand the human experience, Neuroplasticity, Tools for navigating life transitions, business skills for human growth practitioners, etc.

Workshop and seminar presenters will be vetted for the quality of educational experience they offer and CEU’s will be granted based on the type and duration of their offering.

While participation in Evolution and Revolution is not mandatory, access to OUICoach’s roster of recommended Life Transition Coaches and access to licensing arrangements for coaching exercises requires annual participation.

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