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As I have coached clients through many types of life transitions they have frequently asked me “where can I get more” or “how can I learn to offer to my clients, colleagues and staff what you have just offered to me”. For a long time I referred them to books and other coaching certification programs. But eventually several of them were persistent enough to help me to understand that they wanted to learn more from me because of the unique combination of life experience and mastery I possess and the comprehensive, generative perspective that I bring to the conversation.

And so my Life Transition Coaching Certification process has been launched to allow those who are looking for a coaching certification with a specialized interest in life transition processes to further their professional development through their own personal growth and evolution.

Because this is one of the huge discoveries in my life: my capacity as a coach to help my clients grow is directly proportional to my investment in my own growth and evolution. How can I ask or expect any less of others who are interested in adding coaching to their skill set or who are seeking to expand their existing capacity to work with others, whether as independent coaches and counselors or as in-house coaches, supervisors, managers, organizational development specialists or HR generalists.

Why focus on life transitions?

We live in an era where life is less static, more dynamic and more full of change than ever. Workers are expected to change careers (not jobs) 4-6 times; baby boomers are retiring in droves; huge numbers of people are leaving paid employment to start their own businesses and a large proportion of the population need to recreate their lives due to separation and divorce. All of these cultural events combine to create a huge demand for services to assist with the life transitions involved. More and more people are facing futures their pasts have not prepared them for. Indeed, many know that their past experiences actually limit their ability to create the future they want for themselves. And people are no longer ashamed to admit that they need support and guidance to navigate the murky waters of personal and professional change.

Life transitions occur at so many stages of life: when we are starting out in the world, having just left the safety of home; when we get married, divorced or widowed; when we get that great new promotion that shoots up to a whole new level of demands and expectations; when life suddenly comes crashing down around us due to job loss, critical illness, demotion or other crisis; when life ‘creeps up’ on us unawares and we suddenly realize that our drinking or gambling or shopping or anger is destroying us; or when we finally realize that retirement or old age is just around the corner ….and we aren’t emotionally, psychologically or spiritually prepared for the fallout!

Life transitions happen to us at all ages and stages of life. Some we sail through smoothly, it’s as if we were born for them. Others take some effort to navigate and with a little support from friends and family we find our feet and sail happily into the future. But then there are the show-stoppers, the transitions that feel like the weight of the world has just descended on our shoulders, the transitions that leave us feeling confused, frightened, inadequate, shaken to the core and unable to easily see a pathway forward.

Many people experience one or more of those types of life transitions in their lives. And many of the people experiencing those life cataclysms are leery of getting support from either traditional medical services or traditional psychotherapy because they do not perceive themselves as needing medication or therapy for their situation. They often turn to coaching and coaches for a process of Self discovery and behavioral intervention that will help them through the tough times and create a new future for themselves.

So life transitions are not only all around us, but more and more people are prepared to seek professional services to help them through these challenging times. Coaches are natural providers of such support services.

Tell me about your Life Transition process approach

As I mentioned earlier, I believe absolutely that those of us who work with others for growth and evolution must also be growing and evolving. So I’ve developed a 4-step process of coaching certification that combines on-going personal growth and evolution with building the skills necessary to successfully produce results with others. The first 3 steps of the process involve intensive education, experience and skills demonstration. The fourth involves an annual learning experience to retain active certification.

  1. Life Passages …invitations to growth is an opportunity for those who work with others to acquire skills, tools and approaches that will help make those transitions smoother, quicker and more positive. You will have acquired a thorough overview of multiple life transition theoretical frameworks and a set of tools with which to support those experiencing any kind of major life transition. You’ll leave certified as a Life Transition Facilitator and will be able to immediately begin to work with others one-on-one or creating short workshops.
  2. Creating Tomorrow …resourcefully navigating the journey builds on the Life Passages experience with an in-depth focus on The CODE Modelâ„¢ as the primary coaching process and Quantum TLCâ„¢ as the essential coaching tool. Offers increased opportunities for coaching experiences and exploration of ‘Becoming Coach’. You’ll leave certified as a Life Transition Master Facilitator and return to your life carrying a quantum leap in your belief about your abilities and your capacity to work with others.
  3. Transition Technology …demonstrating mastery is a 4-day practicum where you get to review any aspects of theory or practice you wish, demonstrate your coaching capabilities with real clients and to write the certification examination. You’ll leave as a Certified Life Transition Coach, able to use the designation as you build or expand your coaching practice.
  4. Evolution & Revolution …learning, growing, becoming for life is a 3-day annual gathering where you can participate with various experts in improving your skills, learning about new scientific and human development processes, and continue your own discovery of Self. Part conference, part conflab, part spiritual retreat Evolution & Revolution will ensure that you are always ahead of the curve!

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