Gwen in a soundbite (or two)

I love to live life large. I talk a lot; I listen even more. I have many interests that include writing, painting, photography, blog building, cooking, hiking, camping, reading, gardening (most recently ‘au balcony’), travel, and writing poetry.  I’m recently single after a very long term relationship, have moved across country (to Halifax, NS) and am discovering who I am in a whole new way as I build a new life for myself.

My friends would likely point out that I am warm, caring, generous, whacky, demanding, restless, opinionated, funny, challenging, irreverent, and passionate about living life to the fullest.  My clients would say similar things about me, except that insightful and provocative would likely be added to their list.

If you want to know more, visit my Gwen in Detail and The Professional Gwen pages on this site.



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