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Another Sunrise - Are You Ready for its Promise?

  • personal growth and life transition coaching, including professional development, spiritual exploration and expanded consciousness
  • small business development coaching
  • coach coaching

My coaching philosophy is based in a few fundamental assumptions:

  1. Tough times are portals to great times
  2. Coaching accelerates results
  3. If not now, when?
  4. If not you, who?

I use the latest scientific understandings from brain & human behaviour science to help you discover your true Self, how to ensure that your true Self gets honoured in life & business and how to achieve the results you are committed to but which have seemed so elusive to date. All achieved in a supportive, honouring, humorous yet challenging environment.

Contact me now so that you can get the support to proactively create the life, business and results you want and deserve.

Gwen McCauley |902.404.7501 | Skype: gwenmccauley | Twitter: @gwenmccauley | LinkedIn: gwenmccauley

Tough times are portals to great timesWhat surprises many people is that the truly tough times of their lives, those periods that feel most stressful, unnerving and hopeless often offer the most fertile ground upon which to begin to create the great life or great business you know you deserve but are uncertain how to attain.  Few of us have difficulty dealing with our positive life experiences.  The difficult or challenging times are another matter entirely.  At these difficult times, coaching can be a profoundly life enriching process.  I know that finding my true Self under decades of social conditioning made the greatest positive difference in my life.

Coaching accelerates results — Great athletes know this and invest in coaching as a sure way to improve their outcomes.  Similarly, we know that great lives and great businesses don’t just happen! They take vision, commitment, a firm plan that allows flexibility and a willingness to take action to make things happen.  In short, great lives and great businesses are created by much the same process that produces great athletes, ideas and leaders.  High achievers work with their coach not only to develop techniques and technical skills to be the best, but to notice and shift beliefs and subtle behavioural strategies that hold them back and limit the results they’ve been achieving on their own.

If not now, when?  Is it time to feel better about yourself, about your ability to create the life you want for yourself? Is the price you are paying in terms of unhappy relationships, failing health, misery or less than optimal work becoming too high? Are you ready to dig deep and get into action to create a new life for yourself?  If any of these apply, contact me right away so that we can launch a coaching process that accelerates your life!

If not you, who? Whether it is your life or your business that needs help, rest assured that no one else but you can make the difference. Family, friends, employees, colleagues can all hope and wish and pray for you. But you are the only one who can step into a process that can change your life forever. Are you ready? Are you willing? It is said that Buddha left a roadmap. Jesus left a roadmap. Mohammed left a roadmap. Even RandMcNally left a roadmap. But you still have to walk the road.

Connect now so that I can help you decide which road is yours or to get past some of its difficult spots! 1.901.404.7501 or






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